The Blue Room

The Kennel Room has been designed to accommodate a range of requirements for the needs of the dogs in our care.


The Kennel room has been designed to accommodate a range of requirements for the needs of the dogs in our care.


Tthe floor is a textured non-slip commercial vinyl to allow dogs with hindlimb weakness a comfortable and secure surface to walk on without fear or anxiety.


The Walls are coated with commercial grade vinyl plus washable paint to ensure hygiene and cleanliness at all times.


Heat pump has been installed to provided warmth and comfort for elderly dogs especially in the winter and kept on overnight for the well-being of any recovering patients.


In the summer months in times of extreme humidity and hot balmy nights the air conditioning function can be activated. However usually there is a fresh cooling breeze ventilating the kennel room.


Guests are welcome to bring their own bed for familiarity. We also have beautiful orange marine vinyl bean bags for the dogs to chill out on and ease those achy bones or just relaxing on the sofa.


Specially designed large mattresses have been made by a local upholsterer and covered in marine vinyl to ensure waterproof and cleanliness. These are very comfortable for both geriatric and recumbent long term dogs to support their care & comfort.


Many owners have concern for their smaller dogs mixing with larger dogs. My philosophy is for all canine guests to be sociable and mingle together. For smaller breeds a dedicated cage is assigned with their bedding and personal belongings and also for feeding meals & medication administration. This allows for smaller dogs to have their own sense of security and personal space.


A specially designed post-surgical recovery cage for large breed dogs has been added to assist with the recovery from major surgical procedures such as orthapedic surgeries such as TPLO, TTA , ACL procedures requiring cage rest & confinement. Also ideal for Recumberncy care – Spinal patients and post surgical recovery has as abdominal surgery – Foreign Body removal, Spleenectomy – again requiring strict and limited confinement.

The Orange Room - Lounging Around Place

The Orange Room offers the dogs an additional space to relax and have the company of other residents. The room has sunshine all day and a great place to relax especially in quiet time in the afternoon and after walks. Musical beds is also a favourite pastime. The room opens out onto a grassed area for the dogs to also interact with each other in supervised play or lie out in the sunshine. Great games of chase and tug take place.

The Outside Space