Geriatric/Basic Disabilty Care

$80 Daily Rate (inc. GST)

  • Administration of medications, dietry requirements, gentle exercise and assured wellbeing of your treasured pet.
  • Secure environment for dogs with impairments (e.g. sight or hearing), where daily comfort and care needs are met.
  • We make reducing stress and anxiety our top priority to enable your dog to cope better in the new environment of The Doggery.
  • Disabilitity care encompasses sight impairment and hearing loss are areas of concern for owners especially when in a crowded, noisy environment and these gentle dogs receive very personal care & attention to be included with the other doggy guests.
Our dear Mr Ralph was 17 years old and in our care whilst his family were away. Sadly he passed away in November 2014 . As with elderly family members he had multiple geriatric conditions ranging from heart failure, mobility issues and sight & hearing impairments. Our goal was to ensure all his needs were med ranging from medications to comfort and cuddles.
Mr Zeke a very gentle giant German Shepherd of 13.5 years was in our care with general health concerns and mobility concerns. He needed assistance getting up so we had a huge matress made for his comfort to ensure he did not develop decubitus ulcers and pressure sores. Always a concern with geriatric animals. Sadly our friend also passed over the rainbow bridge.