The Doggery

Special care for special dogs
An intimate home based

animal nursing boarding facility

A place for dogs
with special needs
Care 24/7 in a relaxed rural setting
with the company for dogs

A Home Away from Home

An Intimate Home Based Dog Only Care Facility

By creating a relaxed and laid back atmosphere our guests experience all the comforts of home. Every dog creates their own special  intimate area to relax – either on a bean bag, sofa, dog bed or stretched out on the cool floor. Some make close friends with other guests and share a special bond and curl up together.

Dogs monitored 24/7 - live on site with owner

When dogs require 24/7 monitoring and observation for medical conditions The Doggery provides this with ease and comfort.

Small capacity – Maximum 8 dogs

Cecilia only looks after 8 dogs at time to ensure your dog gets the best of care they need. Everyday this allows her to nurture a passion by providing a unique personalised service tailored to each dog’s individual needs.

Operated By Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Cecilia is a qualified  veterinary nurse with a passion for CARING for Special Needs Dogs. She provides extra loving care to your special family member that may not fare well in a more traditional boarding facility. The human-animal bond continuity gives concerned owners peace of mind while having a break. This is more than a business to Cecilia and her extended family. Her love and compassion allow her to deliver a commitment to owners to provide intimate level of care.

A Passion FOR CARING For Special Need Dogs

Cecilia always had a  PASSION for dogs. Since  qualifying with a Diploma of Veterinary Nursing she extend this passion to caring for dogs with special medical conditions. Over the last ten years Cecila has gained experience working with companion animals in a wide range of animal care environments.

Access To 24 Hour Veterinary Care

For day to day veterinary treatment and living in a rural area –  Dr Bob’s Veterinary Clinic at Waimauku provides a 24 hour veterinary service which is 10 – 15 minutes drive by car. Alternatively the Animal Emergency Centre, Mt Albert will provide back up depending on the nature of emergency. 

Conditions Managed

Giving the best of care for your special family member

Separation Anxiety

Both dog companionship and human cuddles lend a helping hand to ensure your pets well being and welfare.

Geriatric Care

Your special family member often requires a higher level of care and often have medical conditions treated by medications to manage these disease process on a daily basis. In addition home comforts are more appealing to provide this level of individual care.


As many of man’s best friends age gracefully their mobility becomes restricted and they experience pain due to arthritic joints. Home comforts and soft warm bedding plus a warm environment assist in care for their geriatric ailments.

Diet Management & Exercise

Each dogs dietary requirements are catered for to endure the continuity and avoid dietary indiscretions often the cause of gastric upsets. Food Allergies and Weight management are also common and managed under veterinary supervision given to owners.

Post surgical nursing and rehabilitation

Often dogs recovering from surgical procedures require additional care to gain a good recovery and owners are away at work and unable to provide this care and can cause stress and anxiety. Cage rest and administration of medications plus nursing care to high level to ensure your pets comfort and recovery.

Medical Conditions - Epilepsy, Diabetes, Cushings /Addisonians Disease, Cardiac, Renal & Other En docrine Diseases

Many dogs develop complex medical conditions during their lifespan and the cause of these conditions are numerous. These conditions require close monitoring and regular complex medications to ensure your pet retains a quality of life. We are able to observe and care for dogs with these conditions to a high level of individual care 24/7 in conjunction with having a relaxed and stress free with peace of mind for the family.

Peace of mind

Knowing your special dog has the best quality care will give you the reassurance you can have a good break.

Over the last ten years Cecila has gained experience working with companion animals in a wide range of animal care environments. On occasions whilst working as an after hours emergency veterinary nurse she was entrusted with the cared for special needs dogs in their home environment to allow owners to have a deserved vacation. This was the development of her vision for The Doggery.


I have always had a passion for animals having lived in South Africa in my formative years and experienced the African wildlife from an early age. Our family have always had dogs and the occasional family cat or two along the way. When coming to live on a lifestyle block at the beginning of lambing season – my passion for caring for “special animals” came into play with orphaned lambs.

After many years of working in the hotel and hospitality industry in the UK and New Zealand and also caring for a number young children as a nanny, a calling to work with animals beckoned; I returned to education to learn and experience more about animals and their care.

As a qualified diploma veterinary nurse having worked in an emergency veterinary clinic, I developed and learnt high standards of skills when caring for critical small, animal patients. On occasions over a number of years I would also house sit for pet owners whom had dogs with “special needs” and additionally wanted their pets to be cared for in a home environment. This took me away from my own much loved dogs and involvement with my extended family in rural Taupaki.

The Doggery allows me to professionally care for dogs in a special care facility reflecting a balance of work, family & lifestyle. I am living my dream – caring for special dogs with an element of ” home comforts”  in a corner in the country.  I have an amazing family and friends to thank for their encouragement, enduring support and loving care.