For Arlo, Te Puke

In September 2022, I was booked for a six week overseas holiday. Shortly before I was due to leave, I found my large young Beardie, Arlo, was in pain from hip dysplasia and would need a total hip replacement. He was on regular strong pain relief, adjusted according to his observed discomfort level, and I did not feel that the house/farm sitters I had engaged had the skills to manage this.

The choice was whether to cancel my trip for the operation, or euthanise. He was just a year old and in excellent health otherwise.
I was put in touch with ‘The Doggery’, and Cecilia agreed to take both him and my other young Beardie, Eddie, for the duration, with a view to Arlo having surgery on my return. This was booked. While I was away, Cecilia monitored Arlo, gave him his medication, took him for his specialist visits and crate-trained both dogs for me, with a view to his three month postoperative confinement.

There were regular photos emailed to me while I was away, of Eddie gaining confidence with other dogs, and the beach, farm or forest walks all the dogs did daily, each to the level possible within the confines of their medical condition. When I returned to NZ, I returned a positive RAT and was forced to isolate for Covid. I was therefore unable to take Arlo for his surgery, which could not be postponed.

Cecilia not only took him for his surgery but undertook the difficult postoperative care of a 30kg hairy dog, who must be confined, and lifted in a hind-legs sling to be regularly toileted. She also took him to postoperative specialist visits, physiotherapy and did wound care as required. At the end of all this, approximately three months later, I picked up two healthy, happy dogs. I am immensely grateful to Cecilia and her team. I enthusiastically recommend them to anyone who needs their dog with special health needs cared for.

- Christine Williams

For Dennis, Auckland

My terrier, Dennis, has been both a ‘Day out” member and a short and long term boarder at The Doggery for about ten years.

I continue to choose The Doggery for many reasons. There is structure to the day, the dogs are well monitored, receive plenty of exercise on the farm or on forest tracks or beaches and they live in a comfortable, clean, warm home, complete with comfortable bedding.

Dennis loves staying at The Doggery. He barks loudly as we turn into the drive and wags his tail happily when he sees the staff. Dennis grew up as the only dog on a farm and his social skills were certainly patchy, but Cecilia and her team have taught him how to fit in with the other dogs.

I have the benefit of complete peace of mind when I drop Dennis off for a stay at The Doggery. I appreciate the service The Doggery provides and thank all the staff for the care they provide for my dog.

 - Maryjane Francis
- Maryjane Francis

For Cara, Auckland

Finding Cecilia and The Doggery was a godsend for us with our girl Cara. Cara has developed a genetic eye disease and has become blind and has adapted to this. Cara still happily goes for walks and lives a normal life but needs extra TLC and a different approach to manage this. Cecilia and the team provide us with daycare and boarding services where Cara gets the love and care she needs to be that happy pup, allowing for her blindness. They provide that something extra, a little bit of magic that means Cara gets to be her best doggy self, having fun and being loved. Older and impaired dogs should be able to continue to have happy days, and the angels at The Doggery have given Cara that and, therefore, given us peace of mind when we need to be away.

- Nathalie Moolenschot

For Maisie, Auckland

We have been taking our black labs to The Doggery for 10 years plus.
It is their special place when we go away, and great to know that they are in good hands.
Cecilia's team have always been so welcoming and caring and very professional when required.
Wonderful to be able to see them running in the fields and playing in the creek on the website and always washed and clean when homeward bound.
Maisie, our latest absolutely adores The Doggery and always looks forward to her stay whether on a weekly day out or for a weekend or extended stay. 

 - Nick and Jane Wiles

 - Maryjane Francis

For Lochie & Jazmine, Auckland

We have been using The Doggery for about 7 years. Firstly for our elderly dogs with special needs(meds/blind/deaf). And now for our youngsters. So grateful we did as our puppy ate stuff he shouldn’t 2 days before we went away. Cecelia went above and beyond (including taking our other well dog for snuggles with her sick fur-brother at ARC) and our naughty puppy came back from the brink. True peace of mind when you go away. Thank you. Baker Family.

 - Clare Baker

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