Daily Fees for The Doggery 2023 August 2022

Our competitive sliding scale of prices reflects the higher level of care 
plus veterinary nursing skills & home environment companionship provided for each dog/s individual “special needs” over a 24/7 basis.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
*10% discount applies for sibling dogs and long-term stays of 21+ night’s accommodation subject to availability during peak periods.

  • BASE FEE  $95.00 inc GST per dog per day

    ​General Boarding 18 Months – 9 Years No Medical or Surgical Issues

  • PUPPY FEE  $105.00 inc GST per dog per day

    8 Weeks to 18 Months

  • SEPARATION ANXIETY  $125.00 inc GST per dog per day

    $125.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Level 1 – 9+ Years

  • GERIATRIC & HIGHER DISABILITY CARE   $135.00 - $165.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Level 2 – 9 + Years (On Assessment)

  • POST SURGICAL RECOVERY – AMBULATORY Level 1 - $135.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Foreign body, GDV & Other Surgical procedure recovery. Orthopaedic Support (TPLO, Cruciate, Poly Arthritis Care) 


    Fracture / Cast / Fixator / Bi-Lateral Surgery

  • POST SURGICAL RECOVERY & REHABILITATION RECOVERY -NON- AMBULATORY & Geriatric  Level 3 - $165.00 inc GST per dog per day

    – IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) and Paralysis of Limbs requiring 
    Recumbency Care and for Medical Conditions and other spinal complications

    $130.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Stable Diabetic and other medically managed conditions

  • MEDICAL MONITORING Level 2$140.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Unstable Diabetic/ Epilepsy and other medically managed conditions requiring higher level of monitoring and intervention

  • IN – HOUSE PHYSIOTHERAPY $60.00 inc GST per session Daily

    Post – Surgical / Orthopedic Surgery (TPLO, Spinal, Recumbency Care & other Conditions)

  • PUBLIC HOLIDAY SURCHARGE  $30.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Statutory NZPublic Holiday

  • PEAK PERIOD ADDITIONAL CHARGE$$20.00 inc GST per dog per day

    An additional fee applies per day to cover high levels of staffing during School Holidays which fall in April, July, October, Christmas up to February), and the Winter season due to high demand which falls in June, July and August (due to increased demand in long term boarding as this is busy season for offshore holidaying for clients).

    Raw Food Diet
    $8.00 per day Small Dog
    $13.50 per day Medium Dog
    $16.50 per day Large Dog
    $23.50 per day Extra Large Dog
    $10.00 per day Fresh Cooked luxury meats

    Fresh Cooked luxury meats such as chicken, lamb, beef, fish, fresh vegetables, yoghurt, cottage cheese etc

  • PRESCRIPTION DIETS Please provide your pets brand of veterinary prescription diet

    ​i.e. Royal Canin Renal cans and dried kibble or Hills Gastrointestinal Low Fat cans and kibble.
    OR given your pet is on another brand such as Addiction, Now, Animals Like Us etc, can this please be provided.

  • HALF DAY CHARGE / LATE DEPARTURE FEEPlease advise of intended collection & drop off times at time of booking

    We are relatively flexible and understanding regarding our clients travel arrangements. From 2022 Resident dog/s not collected by owners or prearranged delivery home prior to 2.00 p.m. on day of departure will incur HALF DAY RATE base on fee level. FULL DAYS RATE will be applicable when after 4.00 p.m. latest collection is up to 6.00 pm. Earliest drop off time 8 am

TRANSPORT SERVICES – Pricing at 2023ust 2022

The Doggery has invested in a purpose designed vehicles with secure caging & ramp for the safe and comfortable transportation of dogs always. We pride ourselves in knowing our high standard of care is over and above other providers of dog care. The health, safety & welfare of our staff, dog guests and neighbours and public are a priority always.

When time & traffic are of essence in daily life we are delighted to take the hassle away and assist our clients in escaping on their much need breaks and vacations. In addition, we can take care of our in- house guests needs to ferry to & from appointments to veterinary clinics and providers of other services.

  • Collection / Delivery to & from home to The Doggery  $80.00 inc GST per each way

    City Centre, Mt Wellington, North Shore, West Auckland

  • East, South Auckland & Airport ranging plus $20-$40.00

    Additional Charges Apply

  • *Veterinary Clinic Visits tansport (day time) $90.00 inc GST per visit (return trip)

    plus Veterinary & External Therapy Provider Attendance Appointment Fee

  • After Hours/Emergency Veterinary Clinic  transport per trip $95.00 inc GST

    evenings and including public holidays

  • Grooming at Doctor Dog from $79.95 inc GST


  • Physiotherapy / Other Treatments 
    ** $80.00 inc GST per session


  • Veterinary/ External Therapy Provider Attendance Fee
    $65.00 (per appointment)



DAYCARE - Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays & Christmas/New Year

8.00 am to 6.00 pm by arrangement

The Doggery has been approached by several of our clients in the West Auckland area to assist with the care of their family fur friends due to the level of care they require during the day when their humans are away from home. To make bookings please call Cecilia on 0274 311 877.

The Doggery can provide a collection and drop off service to: Waimauku, Kumeu, Huapai, Riverhead, Whenuapai, Hobsonville, Greenhithe, Swanson. Inner city and suburbs are on request basis.

  • Level 1  $80.00 inc GST per dog per day

    No special care needed – incorporated in daily activities depending on fitness & mobility

  • Level 2 $85.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Geriatric or Dogs with moderate Medical Issues & or Anxiety

  • Level 3 $95.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Higher level of care due to Post-surgical or Medical needs

WELLBEING DAY OUT (8-10 doggy guests per day) 

“Well Being Days Out” have gone from strength to strength. Furry guests who have attended have gained individual confidence, developed friendships, learnt skills to improve social interaction and had a great time. Being part of “The Pack” is a new and valuable experience for many dogs. For the team at The Doggery the Well Being Days Out offer the opportunity to develop the personal relationship with each dog in a different setting,

The Rules: The visiting WBDO dog/s must be a client of The Doggery and have previously stayed here to ensure we have had time to assess their suitability for outdoor adventures.

Bookings for Adventures: Please call or TXT our Staff Phone on the following number: 027 693 6447 or call Cecilia on 0274311877 to join up on our adventure days. Thereafter we will send a txt message for each allocated day to check attendance for weekly, fortnightly or monthly attendance. Please reply with YEAH! or NAH!

How these days run: Collection from home early in morning and return in evening between 4.30 pm & 6.00 pm. During the day the fur kids get to play on the farm, visit a beach for water sports or experience on one of our exclusive forest hikes. At the end of the day the kids are bathed and returned home tired out = HAPPY BALANCED DOGS.

  • Tuesday (Active Dogs Mixed Sizes) - Northshore, Parnell, West Auckland, Kumeu Area and City 
  • Wednesday (Large Active Dogs) – St Heliers, Glendowie, Parnell, Remuera
  • Thursday (Small Dogs & Mobility/Geriatrics) – Remuera, Parnell, Mt Roskill, Inner City & St Heliers 
  • Friday (New Introductions & Puppy Training) – All Areas by Arrangement

Please Note: WellBeing Days Out are subject to staff availability. 

  • Casual Rate   $90.00 inc GST per dog per day

    Casual Day

  • Term Rate  $95.00 inc GST per dog per day

    9 – 10 Days per term

  • Annual Rate  $90.00 inc GST per dog per day

    11+ Days per year



Due to the high demand for The Doggery’s “special needs” care services and our limited capacity of 8 dogs we recommend owners book well in advance for Easter Holidays, School Holidays – April, July & September and the Christmas & New Year holidays.
The minimum stay over these peak periods will be 7 nights’ accommodation. In addition, the months of June, July, August & September have proven to be busy with long-term staying guests – it is necessary to book well in advance for these long-planned vacations.

A PEAK PERIOD ADDITIONAL CHARGE has been introduced to cover for staffing and overhead costs - $20.00 inc GST per day


The Doggery has a commitment to ensuring there is always one kennel space daily available for high needs referrals from the Veterinary Surgical Aoteoroa (VSA). We also have cases referred from Animal Referral Centre (Albany). At times, due to the high level of care required and our commitment to their recovery process, stays can be extended beyond booking dates. As a result, our numbers will fluctuate to accommodate for these situations and other genuine family emergency situations for existing clients of The Doggery. Health & Safety are of priority and we do not wish to be compromised under any circumstances.


*In the event your pet requires Veterinary Treatment when in our care The Doggery will pay up to
$1500.00 for initial veterinary treatment and this to be repaid via invoice and thereafter the owners will have to provide credit card details to the veterinary practice for payment directly in excess if this amount. In the event of an emergency owners would be contacted immediately to notify of the situation.

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