Our Facilities

At The Doggery we have a range of different spaces to suit your canine companion

The Blue Room

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is our Kennel Room and has been specially designed to accommodate the extensive range of needs for the dogs in our care. Features include: 

  • Textured non-slip flooring to provide a comfortable and secure surface to walk on 
  • Commercial grade vinly walls to ensure hygiene and cleanliness at all times 
  • Heat pump for the warmth and comfort of our canine guests 
  • Air conditioning and natural air flow to ensure a comfortable temperature is maintained
  • Comfortable bedding and sofas and you are also welcome to bring in bedding from your home if you wish. 
  • Specially designed mattresses covered in marine vinyl are comfortable and practical 
  • Dedicated cages that can be assigned with bedding and personal belongings for dogs who need a higher sense of security and personal space 
  • A specially designed post-surgical recovery cage for large breed dogs requiring strict and limited confinement

The Orange Room

Picture your own living room but with dogs instead of humans sitting on the sofas, watching/listening to the television or the radio, and conversing with each other.
Musical beds is a favourite past-time. Sun shines onto snuggle beds dotted around the lounge room, and inside cages for dogs who need a bit more space for themselves to snooze after their morning and afternoon runs. 

All the dogs get on with each other, and love to tussle and play and get pats from the staff who frequent the kitchen for tea and toast. The Orange room leads onto a well manicured lawn that they are welcome to stretch their legs upon, and lay under a hedge or two.Great games of chase and tug take place here. 

Your dog is never alone in the Orange room, or any room.

The Orange Room
The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room has been customised for recovery. It has inside and outside access and areas for isolation for certain dogs during their recovery period. 

There is a maximum of three guests staying in this room and usually just one or two of our high needs doggy guests. 

The Yellow Room is a lovely peaceful and private space away from the hustle and bustle of our main facility and is perfect for dogs who need to rest and recuperate. Recovering dogs are more sensitive to temperature than regular dogs and so this room is equipped with it's own A/C unit we can keep the temperature perfectly cool in summer and lovely and warm in winter for recuperating guests. 

The Yellow Room is conveniently located right across the hall from where our night shift staff sleep so our team are right on hand at all hours of the day. 

Outdoor Enrichment & Wellbeing Days Out

Set on 40 acres of land in Taupaki, Auckland, The Doggery offers a rich experience of sights and smells for our canine guests. On top of our beautiful location we also offer Wellbeing Days Out.

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Outdoor Enrichment & Wellbeing Days Out

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