See below for new fees from 1st March 2016

Our competitive sliding scale of prices reflects the higher level of care provided by a qualified veterinary nurse in a home environment with companionship to cater for each dog’s individual “special needs” 24/7

Basic Fee $70.00

Applicable to dogs without any medical or post- surgical issues and the owner’s choice to board their dogs in our home country environment. Able to undertake active exercise and play

  • Food provided – individual dietary requirements catered for to reduce dietary indiscretion.
  • Exercise at least twice daily – off leash where applicable.
  • Extra excursions – we endeavor to also make the most of the weather conditions and take regular trips to Bethells & Murawai beaches.
  • Daily Health Check.
  • Grooming: daily brushing, regular bathing & bath on day of departure.
  • Relaxing home environment with canine and human companionship.
  • Regular Client Updates via Text, Phone, Email & The Doggery Facebook.

Puppy Fee $70.00

Puppy Food to be Supplied by owners
Involves socialisation and basic obedience commands

Separation Anxiety $80.00

Ideal for dogs who are unable to cope with seperation with their human caregivers. 🙂

  • Special attention is given to our canine guests; we endeaver to ensure that your dog overcomes their fears by integrating them into “pack” life with both human and dogs alike.
  • We find open space and non-confinement in The Doggery’s relaxed environment has many benefits to both the owner and their dog.

Geriatric & Basic Disability Care $80.00

  • Administration of medications, dietry requirements, gentle exercise and assured wellbeing of your treasured pet.
  • Secure environment for dogs with impairments (e.g. sight or hearing), where daily comfort and care needs are met.
  • We make reducing stress and anxiety our top priority to enable your dog to cope better in the new environment of The Doggery.
  • Disabilitity care encompasses sight impairment and hearing loss are areas of concern for owners especially when in a crowded, noisy environment and these gentle dogs receive very personal care & attention to be included with the other doggy guests.

Post Surgical Recovery, Orthopedic Support & Poly-Arthritis Care $90.00

For dogs whom have had surgical procedures such as TTA, TPLO, Cruciate, ligament repairs and Fractured limbs etc or diagnosed with medical conditions such as poly-arthritis & so require cage rest and minimal exercise.

  • Entails a high level of care to ensure your dog’s comfort and phycological well being which is important when confined for long periods.
  • We provide care with in the guidelines of your vet’s recommendations and post operative recovery plan.
  • Regular 2-4 hourly toilet breaks, turning and additional support with a sling to allow mobility with support and comfort.
  • We are also able to continue physiotherapy and other rehabilitation protocols to assist with your pets recovery.

Rehabilitation Recovery $100.00 - $115.00

  • IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) and other spinal complications Level 1 – $100.00 (ambulatory)
  • Level 2- $115.00 (paresis of limbs) On Restrictive cage rest and supervision of all activities including 2-3 sessions of physiotherapy & supervised exercise daily.
  • INHOUSE physiotherapy for approximately 1-2 hours daily under veterinary instruction and supervision.
  • Dietary & Medication management.
  • Patients may also need to attend external therapy treatment providers such as laser treatment, physiotherapy, acupuncture and hydrotherapy.
  • The Doggery is able to provide assistance with transporting and supervising these sessions at the owners cost.

Medical Monitoring $90.00

  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Renal Failure
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Cushing’s/Addison’s Disease and other Endocrine Disease
  • Neoplasia Support & Care

Veterinary and External Therapy Providers Appointment Fee – $30.00 per appointment

  • In the event you pet requires Veterinary Treatment when in our care The Doggery will pay up to $1000.00 for initial veterinary treatment and this to be repaid via invoice and thereafter the owners will have to provide credit card details to the veterinary practice for payment directly in excess if this amount. In the event of an emergency owners would be contacted immediately to notify of the situation.
  • The costs of Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy, Laser Therapy and other services/therapies are an additional as per the providers published charges and the owners will be charged directly by provider for these services as prearranged. Were The Doggery to pay for these services then an additional 10% will be incurred on the cost of repayment.
  • We are happy to assist with taking your pet whilst in our care to the veterinary and external therapy provider’s appointments, however this involves time offsite for owner and staff.

Transportation fees

  • Collection / Delivery to & from home to The Doggery – City Centre, North Shore, West Auckland $50.00 inc GST per each way
  • Grooming at ” Love Your Dog” – Kumeu $25 inc GST
  • Veterinary Clinic Visits – $50.00 inc GST per visit (day time allowing time for appointment)
  • Hydrotherapy at ” Water Woofs” – Lincoln Road $45.00 inc GST per session
  • Physiotherapy / Other Treatments – $50.00 inc GST per session
  • The costs of physiotherapy / hydrotherapy and other therapies are an additional as per the providers published charges.
  • Public Holiday Surcharge / Half Day & Late Departure Fee /Dietary Fee

    Public Holiday Surcharge

    • $15.00 per dog per day – Public Holiday Surcharge will be applicable to guests in residence on those specific holidays.

    Special Dietary Requirements Surcharge

    • $10.00 per day additional for Raw Food Diet
    • $5.00 per day Fresh Cooked luxury meats such as chicken, lamb, beef, fish, fresh vegetables etc.
    • On average one cube of Raw Essentials meats costs $0.90 and carcasses $3.00 each. Limited freezer space so hold minimal stocks on hand for each specific dietary requirement

    Half Day Charge / Late Departure Fee

    • Resident dogs not collected by owners or prearranged delivered home prior to 2 pm on day of departure will incur HALF DAY RATE base on fee level
    • FULL DAYS RATE will be applicable when after 4 pm latest collection is up to 6 pm.
    • Please advise of intended collection & drop off times at time of booking
    • Earliest drop off time 8 am.

    Have peace of mind in knowing your beloved pet is in professional, veterinary nursing care! 


    Mr Sam – 7 year old Whippet whom had neurological damage due to a trauma on the racetrack. He was paralysed in his hind legs and we spent many months in rehabilitation to ensure he returned to a quality of life and mobility This entailed physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and laser treatment plus winning the hearts of many many people along the way. Mr Sam returned home and continues to go from strength to strength.

    All prices are per dog per day
    and are inclusive of GST

    Long-term rates apply after 21+ night’s accommodation
    and subject to availability during peak periods

    If unsure which package suits best,
    feel free to inquire.

    Book in Advance for Peak Periods and Extended Vacations

    Due to the high demand for The Doggery’s “special needs” care services and our limited capacity of 8 dogs we recommend owners book well in advance for Easter Holidays, School Holidays – April, July & September and the Christmas & New Year holidays. The minimum stay over these peak periods will be 7 nights’ accommodation.

    In addition the months of June, July, August & September have proven to be busy with long-term staying guests – it is necessary to book well in advance for these long planned vacations.

    Our Commitment to our Doggy Guest and Owners

    The Doggery has a commitment to ensuring there is always one kennel space daily available for high needs referrals from the Veterinary Specialist Group (VSG). At times due to the high level of care required and our commitment to their recovery process their stays often become extended beyond booking date. At times our numbers will fluctuate to accommodate for these and other genuine family emergency situations for existing clients of The Doggery.

    Health & Safety are of priority and we do not wish to be compromised under any circumstances.

    Complimentary pre-assessment

    •  Included with every package.
    • This mutually beneficial time allows us to discuss the specific comforts & requirements of your dogs welfare & care.
    • An important element of The Doggery’s service, allows guest dogs to familiarize themselves with the facilities, environment, and my own dogs, Molly, Summer, Diesel & Abigail.
    • The allocated time daily between 12 noon and 2.30 p.m. for visits to The Doggery.

    Building Confidence
    and Improving Health

    Miss Bounce a lovely young shy & timid Bischon girl came into our care whilst her family had to find her a new home as her elderly owner was hospitalised and unable to care for her. In the six weeks this wee girl gained confidence and her health improved too with the assistance of VetCare Grey Lynn.


    Special Care
    for Special Dogs